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that's it for "special report." i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. i kind of like it. >> shepard: there is breaking news now as fox reports. we're tracking major developments in the investigation into the boston marathon attack. first, there is now word that investigators have found an al-qaeda bomb making magazine on a computer at the home of an accused bomber. the al-qaeda magazine, inspire, contained instructions for would be terrorists. past articles have explained how to assemble explosives. now here is the other major development. sources are now telling fox news that katy russell, the wife of the now dead bomber, communicated with her husband after the attacks. and while investigators were trying to find him. as far as we know, she did not attempt to contact investigators. katy russell, as you may know, is just 24 years old.
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her father, an ivy league educated doctor, her mother, a nurse. katy's high school teachers say she was a talented artist, a nice girl, a good student. her high school yearbook entry lists her plan as college and the peace corps. she was attending college when she met tamerlan tsarnaev at a nightclub, we're told. she apparently converted from christianity to islam for him and the couple married several years ago. now she's in the middle of a terrorism investigation, although prosecutors have not yet charged her with anything. catherine herridge on fox top story live in washington. what more do we know about the communications between katy russell, the wife, and the suspect? >> two source familiar with the investigation tell fox news katherine russell communicated with her husband after the bombing. one source said it included at least one phone call, with the second source describing an e-mail, possibly containing an attachment which included a surveillance photo released by the f.b.i. >> she had conversations with him before hand.
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she lived with him. she saw his change in attitude. she's got some explaining to do or at least some very difficult questions to answer. >> the lawyer for katherine russell did not respond to e-mail. >> shepard: what more do we know about what investigators have found on the computers? >> you remember monday, f.b.i. agents searched the home of katherine russell's parents in rhode island, leaving with plastic bags, what appeared to be toothbrushes for dna testing and a computer. tonight there is no indication that russell's dna matches the female dna found on the bomb components. on the computers and investigators source says the al-qaeda web magazine inspire, best known for jihaddist propaganda and instructions for home made bombs, was found bit f.b.i., but the source did not explain whether the al-qaeda magazine wagon found -- was found on katherine russell's computer or her husband or brother-in-law. what's called the exploitation
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of the computers is ongoing. so with confirmation that the feds believe the bombs were made in tamerlan tsarnaev's home, clearly the focus is very much intensifying on the widow, katherine russell. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank you. let's get inside into the investigation, the criminal defense attorney and form f.b.i. investigator bill daily are here. bill is the senior vice president of control risks, which is an international risk management firm. this investigation is expanding. >> absolutely. it's expanding both here, as well as over seas. we're not hearing a lot about what's happening overseas, but the f.b.i. is working with the russian authorities to find out who and where tamerlan may have visited during his trip over there. but this is certainly a stunning development here. we hear more about the wife, the former wife and perhaps what was on the computer. >> shepard: we further learned that it appears multiple bombs were built right there in their apartment. >> it's crazy. we're finding out possibly 800 square foot apartment they lived
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in, those bombs apparently built in the apartment. she lived there. what did she see in what did she know prior to this? was she part of a conspiracy? did she know anything? was she involved? did she know and not saying anything? there are so many questions here and that's what there will be a lot of focus on. what did you know? what did you say? what didn't you say? were you involved directly or too scared? we can't say she was involved in the conspiracy. maybe she was too scared to speak up. but what happened before this attack and what was planned after inasmuch after the bomb -- >> shepard: after the bombing, the pictures came out of the two suspects. we now have information that suggests the wife e-mailed the photo of now dead suspect to the now dead suspect. so they had communication. >> one of the troubling things is beth that statement, as well as what we've heard about maybe the other friends who texted the younger suspect who is now in custody, basically saying, we
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think they have your picture. well, are they calling the authorities? the first people you should be calling is the authorities. if they start sending information out to the suspects alerting them, i would say they were providing some type of support or aiding them in some way. >> legally, you're absolutely right. that can be aiding and abetting. that can be part of a conspiracy charge. and that is where -- what is the delineation? did you send this to your husband asking him, is this you, or did you send it to alert him, oh, my god, they know it's you? there is a very big difference here. and she's going to have a lot of explaining to do with her attorney present, i'm sure. she was mirandized. >> shepard: what do you think about how it is they're approaching her. >> i think it's being done in a very fold out matter. i think it's guidance from the u.s. attorney, as well as the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force. they want to make sure that whatever they find is done in the appropriate way. later, if it is subject to
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prosecution, they can do it in a way that those charges might stick. again, we don't know if that's the case, that any charges would be made. but we know they're doing it in a thoughtful and thorough way. we have a computer, very helpful in the investigation and finding out what the two brothers may have been speaking about beforehand, who they communicated with and we're learning now that's probably how they learned to build a bomb. >> shepard: you wonder how many people were in and out of this apartment when they were making the bombs because the evidence, according to investigators, our sources are telling us it appears there is evidence, traces of bomb making materials in the bathroom, in the kitchen, all over the place. >> and that's what's troubling. i think that's why this woman now is the center and focus of an ongoing investigation to find out what the plans were and what the future plans were and who else was involved. here and abroad. we need to stop the terrorists. so we need to get the information from her as to what was going on, what was the group? >> shepard: thank you both.
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>> thank you. >> shepard: rebecca and bill, the feds have just launched a new effort to confirm that every international student in the united states is holding a valid student visa. remember, the white house acknowledged that one of the friends accused of hiding some of the younger suspect's evidence was in the united states illegally. border agents had allowed him back into the u.s. in january, even though his university had academically dismissed him and the feds terminated his student visa. now a spokesman says the department of homeland security ordered agents at the border to insure now that every student who arrives in the u.s. is holding proper paperwork. that's effective immediately. the spokesman calls it common sense. a monster wildfire is burning in the los angeles area. it exploded from ten acres to 10,000 acres in about a day. it is scorching a piece of the golden state half the size of manhattan. about 4,000 homes are in the line of fire right now.
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about 30 structures already destroyed. thankfully nobody hurt. it broke out early yesterday morning in ventura county. about 50 miles north and west of los angeles. but sounds weird, but that's where it is. the flames already reached pacific coast highway, forcing officials to close it down in some areas. look at this, you can see it burning from space. this satellite photo clearly shows the orange flames near the california coast and a stream of smoke blowing west. william lajeunesse on the front lines for us this afternoon. right now evacuation orders still in effect? >> yes, they are. several different areas. fire driven by 20 to 40 mile-an-hour winds jump the four lanes of pacific coast highway early today over right here at the ventura naval base. as you can see, it scorched the vegetation, down the power lines and destroyed the firing range. they had several hundred evacuated here.
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we have about 1,000 firefighters on the scene knocking down flare-ups. some in the scattered areas of the canyon of santa monica mountains, the homes difficult to protect. the wind shifted 180 degrees several hours ago. basically instead of the santa anna coming out of the north and east, now you have an onshore flow. that's good for the people of malibu, but bad for people on the north side of this fire. new evacuations in those areas. firefighters trying to protect some of the luxury homes there. they're asking for help to evacuate horses. so basically at this point in time, things are looking better, better weather over the weekend. but this fire is not giving up yet. back to you. >> shepard: william, peak fire season in southern california runs from june to november. sometimes it can start early, which it has 'cause such a dry winter combines with the strong santa anna winds. that's why we're seeing an early fire season this year. we got some incredible news on our economy today that the dow had hit an all-time high.
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unemployment, dipping to its lowest level in years. >> we are gaining jobs. over 160,000 new jobs. unemployment has ticked down. that's good news. it's an improvement, but not impresssive. >> shepard: tonight where we stand and where we're headed. plus, airport luggage handlers caught on camera stealing from passengers' bags right inside the airplane. cash, electronics, from the suitcase noose their pockets. and actress reese witherspoon pleads no contest after this video surfaces. >> you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? >> no, i told you. >> i'm an american citizen. >> shepard: an american citizen run-in with the law coming up.
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>> shepard: it's been more than
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half a decade since the dow jones topped 14,000. that was right before the financial collapse. it's been a painful climb back. today for the first time since then, the dow hit new milestone, 15,000. happened after the feds released their monthly employment report showing companies added 165,000 jobs in april. that's more than many economists predicted. it pointed to more job growth than previously believed in prior months. if you look at this chart, you can see the economy added at least 100,000 jobs every month since last summer. as a result, the unemployment rate fell again from 7.6% in march to 7.5% in april. that is the lowest level if four years. doesn't take an expert to spot this trend. you can see how unemployment surged just from -- from just above 4% in 2006 to more than 10% in 2009. it's been declining steadily over the past couple years. stocks rallied on this news. the dow surged at the opening
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bell, trading above 15,000 this morning. then slightly pulling back. by the close, it was up 142. the nasdaq 38. s & p, 17 to settle above 1600. gerri willis is with us. what is going on? >> your 401(k) is doing better. not just the dow, but the s & p 500, both of these indexes hitting new highs midday today. here is what's propelling it. better earnings by these companies. the revenue line ain't so great, but the epf is great. the fed standing behind it. >> shepard: really there is some other bright spots out there in the economy. >> the housing thing to me, is the biggest thing. so housing prices up 9.3%. that's a 20-city index by schiller. good news for people under water on their mortgages. those prices going higher. and also they're propelled by the lower mortgage rates. take a look at these numbers. 3.42% on the 30-year fixed. unbelievable. and a new low for the 15-year.
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2.54%. 2.54%, have you ever heard of that? >> shepard: never. i saw those numbers and i was like, is this right? >> yeah. it's good news for people out there. >> shepard: let's hope they loosen up some none and get this going. >> you bet. >> shepard: have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> shepard: thanks. the white house says today's jobs report is further proof that the u.s. economy continues to recover. ed henry is traveling with the president live tonight in costa rica. ed? >> shep, you're right because white house officials note it wasn't just a good april jobs report, but also the government revised upwards their jobs estimates for february and march, netting 100,000 or so more jobs than was originally said by the labor department. democrats like chris van hollen says this shows we're on the rebound. take a listen. >> we are gaining jobs, over 160,000 new jobs, unemployment ticked down. that's good news. >> when you look at the fine print, the manufacturing sector is a soft spot.
4:17 pm
in fact, there were no new jobs, zero created in april in the manufacturing sector. that's why various republicans are saying this is not time to celebrate yet. take a listen. >> we need to get this economy growing to have more people working, more taxpayers. not raising tax rates on those that are working. but have more people working. we could do it if not for this drag, this anchor of the president's health care law. >> now, the republican national commit chairman said today part of the problem is that the president is not focusing on jobs. neither the president nor media mentions it at tuesday's conference, as if on cue, officials said they had schedule an event in austin for the president to talk about the economy. he'll do that next thursday. >> shepard: ed henry. earlier in mexico, the president spoke before a crowd of students, calling for u.s. lawmakers to pass an overhaul of immigration laws. >> we're a nation of laws, but we're also a nation of
4:18 pm
immigrants. like every nation we have a responsibility to insure that all laws are upheld. but we also know as a nation of immigrants, the immigration system we have in the united states right now doesn't reflect our values. >> shepard: the president also commented on mexico's bloody including war. he said the future of both countries depends on doing something about it and acknowledged demand for illegal drugs, including here in the united states, is at the root of the problem. there is a new push to build a casino in the second city. the illinois state house is considering a bill that would allow for gambling in chicago. the state senate approved the measure earlier this week. the governor rejected two similar bills in the past. but analysts say he's now softening his stance as the state runs into some money problems. police say some of the flyers at one airport collected their bags and discovered they were missing their cell phones or money. now newly released surveillance video helped police bust the baggage handlers.
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>> shepard: update to a story we brought you last night. police in houston now say a federal agent shot and wounded a man at george bush intercontinental airport before that man killed himself at a security checkpoint. investigators say this man walked into the airport, fired a pistol several times toward the ceiling. officers then ordered him to drop the weapon. when he didn't, an agent shot him in the shoulder. a moment later, the suspect said to have shot himself. cops say the guy had an ar-15 assault rifle in a bag, along with ammunition. in a suicide note, he reportedly
4:23 pm
wrote about monsters within him and wanting officers to handle his disposal. there were questions today, but no verdict from the jury in the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion provider. jurors left court for the weekend after more than three days of deliberations. prosecutors accused dr. kerr met gosnell of killing four babies that were born alive after botched late term abortions. they claim he used scissors to cut their umbilical cords. molly henneberg live outside the courthouse in philly. molly? >> shep, not to cut their cord, to cut their spinal cord, which is one of the more grisly details in this trial. one of the only indicators of what may be going on behind the scenes as the jury deliberates is each question that the jury poses to -- sends to the judge. prior to today, those questions seemed to indicate that the jury had been focused on the charges against gosnell's co-defendant. but today that changed. today the question seems to indicate that the jury of seven
4:24 pm
women and five men moved on to gosnell. they asked the judge today to help differentiate between babid of killing. for example, what movements did each baby make? what sounds did each baby make before, prosecutors say, gosnell or one of his assistants, would cut their spinal cord. this suggests jury may be dealing with the crux of this case. were those babies born dead or alive at gosnell's abortion clinic in west philadelphia? the prosecutors say yes, they were born alive. and they say gosnell committed first degree murder. the defense says no, they were dead and any movements or noises were postmortem spasms. gosnell has pleaded not guilty in this case and you may remember at the end of the defense case last week, the defense rested last week and did not call one single witness. >> shepard: for more on the case, watch our fox news reporting special tonight, "see no evil, the kermit gosnell
4:25 pm
casey stegall case. 9 eastern. police arrested dozens of baggage handlers after hidden cameras caught them going through passengers' bags and stealing all kinds of stuff. happened in italy, police there say they couldn't figure out who was doing the stealing until they hid the cameras in the baggage compartments. they arrested so far 29 people. the morgue released the body of a dead boston bombing suspect. we don't know what happens next. questions over the burial spot. and the trial that seemingly would not end is a giant step closer to finally ending. after spending the past four months listening to the evidence, jurors in the trial of jody arias are now deciding her fate. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight
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4:30 pm
grand theft and driving with a suspended license. the girlfriend and children were horrified and no disney. a couple of hikers who spent days stranded in a california forest might have to pay for their $160,000 rescue after officials found meth in their car. the teens went missing last month during an easter sunday hike in orange county. searchers found the 19-year-old guy three days later and rescued the 18-year-old woman the day after that. at first the authorities say the pair would not have to foot the bill for the search, but then found the meth in the car that the teens parked before going for a hike. a sheriff's spokeswoman says that may change things. the 18-year-old guy could face up to three years in jail for possession. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. where do you bury a man blamed for an act of terrorism on american soil? we could soon find out because
4:31 pm
the body of the older accused boston bomber is at a funeral home. and the mayor of worcester says the funeral will take place in his town u about the burial could be a problem, especially when you consider their relatives say they want him buried in boston. david lee miller is live in boston for us tonight. david lee? >> it is still not clear this evening where or even when tamerlan tsarnaev is going to be buried. a big part of the problem is public anger. last night when his remains were moved from a funeral home to nearby worcester, demonstrators raised their voices in opposition. the owner of the funeral hold where the remains are now located say so far all cemeteries in this state have refused to accept the body. >> some cemeteries around, i don't know exactly who is willing to go. that's the only thing we have at the moment. this is what we do with the
4:32 pm
dead. look at alt murders, we've always buried them. besides what they did, we have no -- i have no control. >> another complication, tsarnaev's family wants its own independent autopsy. meanwhile, a death certificate has still not been filed and that means the cause of death determined by the medical examiner has not been officially released. also the university of massachusetts at dartmouth where dzhokhar tsarnaev went to school, law enforcement searched the surrounding woods. authorities would in the say what they were look for, but one source is telling us that one item they were searching for is the possible testing site that the brothers used to see if their explosives really worked. shep. >> shepard: those wounded in the boston bombing could start getting money soon. the one fund has collected at least $28 million thus far. the funds administrator kenneth feinberg, is set to start meeting with families in the case week and tells the
4:33 pm
associated press he can start making payments by the end of the month. the money set to go to those injured and the families of the three people who died. after a murder, trial that's lasted more than four months, the life of jody arias now officially hangs in the balance and is in the hands of the jury. jody arias is accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend in the head, stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat. she could face the death penalty. the judge in phoenix just a short time ago handed the case to the jurors after the prosecutor gave a rebuttal to the defense's closing arguments. during the arguments, her lawyer told the jury it doesn't matter that his client changed her story several times or whether they even like her as a person. >> whether or not you like jody arias. nine days out of ten, i don't like jody arias. >> shepard: look at the grin. arias responded that way despite the fact she's charged with first-degree murder. the judge said they could also
4:34 pm
find her guilty of manslaughter if they buy her claim that she killed her ex in self-defense. adam housley work the trial and live in los angeles. adam? >> yeah. i've just been told by our producer that the jury has gone home for the weekend. they were given the case less than one hour ago. the judge allowed them to choose their deliberation time. they have chosen monday through friday, 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m that's noon to 7:30 p.m. on the east coast. the jury again set that time themselves. the day started with the defense giving their closing arguments, claiming self-defense due to violence, something they tried to portray from the beginning and played graphic talk on tape trying to really hurt travis' credibility. but on rebullets, the prosecutor really came back strong asking the jury to find jody arias guilty of first-degree murder. not just premeditated, but felony murder. >> this case, travis victor alexander was slaughtered by this woman.
4:35 pm
>> objection. >> she slashed his throat. she stabbed him in the heart. and then she shot him in the face. and all that thinking about it in advance. thank you. >> that's how he ended his rebullets. that's the last thing the jury heard from the prosecutor. on the defense, we heard him talk about he doesn't like her most days, but also said at thend of his defense that if she's guilty of anything, it's of manslaughter, almost like he's trying to just find a way to spare her life. that could be because the defense may have an indication of how the jury is going. as you know from our reporting through the course of this trial, the jury had a lot of questions, many of them very skeptical of the defense witnesses that many times very few questions for the prosecution's witness. >> shepard: indeed. and arias actually does get the death penalty, she will become just the fourth woman it end up on death row in arizona. the actress reese witherspoon now staring in a police dash cam video after her recent run-in with johnny law. and it's good.
4:36 pm
cops last month arrested reese witherspoon's talent agent husband in atlanta. they said he was swerving out of his lane and had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. reese refused the trooper's orders to stay in the car while her husband was failing a sobriety test and then she pulled out the celebrity card. witness. >> arrested and handcuffed? do you know my name, sir? >> don't need that. >> you don't need to know my name? >> not quiet. >> you're about to find out who i am. >> shepard: we all are. the officer booked her for disorderly conduct. and since the embarrassing video was surfaced, she is pleaded no contest. the chief fox report correspondent with the best assignment of the day with the highlight of this. it's sort of a case study of what not to do. >> it really is. and nobody said it better than reese witherspoon herself. this is beyond. enjoy. >> i'm an american citizen.
4:37 pm
>> i told you to get in the car and stay there. >> this is beyond -- >> i promise you. >> this is harassment. you're harassing me. i have done nothing wrong. >> so it went on as she nailed the oscar for outrage. obsessed with her right as an american citizen to stand where she wanted to stand and say what she she wanted to say. she has since apologized profusely. >> shepard: her husband had some things to say, too n this was my favorite part. as you listen to this, 20 minutes in all, the husband pleading with reese to kind of calm down. then when she's eventually handcuffed and put in the patrol car, the trooper cops back to mr. witherspoon, aka jim toth and this happens. >> i tried. >> i'm sorry. i absolutely 100% tried. i had nothing to do with that. >> i know. >> that's where i have sympathy with reese. she may be ill advised.
4:38 pm
but at least she stuck up for her husband. he, on the other hand, at the first opportunity, threw her right under the bus as far as i can tell. >> shepard: it's glorious audio. it's on-line somewhere. google it or something. the pentagon is now said to have a new bomb, so powerful, it can reportedly entrait even the most fortified underground bunkers. want to guess where iran hides its secret nuclear facilities? plus a u.s. military plane has crashed in support of an operation near afghanistan. a look at what brought down that plane coming up [ male announcer ] there's something new behind the silver of philadelphia. the rich, luscious taste of fresh milk and real cream... now kicked up with zesty california jalapenos. [ crunch ] new spicy jalapeno. when it comes to taste, philadelphia sets the standard.
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>> shepard: breaking news now as fox reports tonight, israeli aircraft have entered syria and have apparently dropped bombs. this happening. jennifer griffin with the late details from the pentagon. jennifer? >> that's just confirmed with the u.s. official that the pentagon does believe that israeli war planes did cross into syrian air space overnight and dropped several munitions bombs, if you will, on a warehouse that was believed to be containing conventional weapons. it was not a chemical weapon facility, i'm told. we know that at least two war planes crossed into syrian air space. it's not clear what kind of war planes, but they were israeli. they could have been f-16s. they could have been f-15s. we're not sure at this moment. but we do know that the idf,
4:43 pm
israeli air force did, in fact, cross into syria. the last time that we had reports that the israelis had struck inside of syria was back in january. remember, they struck a weapons convoy that was moving near the lebanese border. but they did not cross into syria at that moment to strike that convoy. that convoy, we're told, was containing sa 17 missiles. those are anti-aircraft missiles that the russians were providing either hezbollah or the syrian regime. but this is new. tonight we are confirming a u.s. official says three war planes did fire on syria overnight. >> shepard: the israelis are saying, and israeli media are indicating that these planes flew for hours near the capitol. >> well, it's interesting. this may be a separate incident. but you're correct. tonight out of israel, just 11 hours ago, there were reports in the israeli press that there were several israeli war planes that hovered over the capitol
4:44 pm
beirut and other cities carrying out simulated attacks. that's separate from what i'm reporting on tonight. i've confirmed from u.s. officials that, in fact, bombs were dropped by those war planes. missiles were fired at this weapons facility inside syria. >> shepard: anything from the bass ha really assad regime? >> we've not heard any reaction as of yet. we know that the regime has been in a great push to push the rebels out of a stronghold in the third largest city, holmes. we don't believe the syrian regime has been very effective in recent days, but there has been a big push to try and get the rebels out of holmes, the third largest city there. there has been a lot of activity and of course, this week the very unusual rare public appearance by bashar assad in the capitol of da has mascot. he within to an electricity plant and issued a statement to his nation. that was unusual activity and somewhat brazen in the wake of
4:45 pm
the president and the secretary of defense here at the pentagon saying that the use of chemical weapons inside syria was a game changer. >> shepard: you wonder if the israelis would do anything like this without first consulting with their friends, the americans. >> well, i've spoken to many people in the last 24 hours who are very aware of the intelligence sharing and the relationship between the israeli defense forces, the israeli leadership and washington right now. they say they are consulting on almost every piece of intelligence, as well as any moves within the region with regards to iran, as well as syria. remember, defense secretary chuck hagel was in israel just two weeks ago and there is very close coordination with regards to both syria, its chemical weapons, as well as concerns about iran. >> shepard: there have been concerns for a very long time, jennifer, that this conflict inside syria might spread beyond its borders. >> that's the real concern. that's why you have seen such strong lobbying. learned that last friday, king
4:46 pm
abdullah of jordan was down in tampa, florida, on a very unusual visit to central command. he had dinner there with general lloyd austin, as well as a special operations commander. those are the people, since his country neighbors seering and neighboring israel, king abdullah of jordan is vendor, as you know, about this conflict spilling over in his kingdom. he's also allowed the u.s. to base 200 u.s. military personnel in his country, which is an unusual public announcement by the pentagon that they were sending 200 u.s. forces there. >> shepard: less unusual that they would do it. more unusual that they would talk about it. jennifer griffin at the pentagon with the new information that the israelis have struck inside syria, updates as they come in throughout the night on fox news channel. the state department honoring those who paid the ultimate price this past year, serving our nation overseas. among them, the four americans killed in the september 11
4:47 pm
attack of last year in libya. a tribute to our fallen diplomats, that's next
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> shepard: they died serving our nation's interest overseas, eight u.s. diplomats and state department employees killed in the line of service. today vice president biden and the secretary of state kerry honored the fallen at a ceremony in d.c among those remembered, the four americans who died in last year's terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate outpost in benghazi. ambassadors to libya, chris steves, the information officer, sean smith, and two members of the embassy security personnel, glenn dor tee and siren woods. james rosen is live at the state department. we learned more today about what the government knew about the benghazi attacks early on.
4:51 pm
>> that's right, shep. a new report in the weekly standard by fox news contributor steve hayes includes excerpts of the early drafts of those infamous talking points that senior administration officials used to describe benghazi as a spontaneous protest gone awry and not a terrorist event. but just 72 hours after the attacks, the documents show c.i.a. stated, quote, the crowd almost certainly was a mix of individuals from across many sectors of libyan society. that being said, we do know that islamic extremists with ties to al-qaeda participated in the attack. >> we continue to be transparent with the congress and have been and shared thousands of documents. the talk points has been something they've looked into and so we're not going to get into individual documents one way or another. >> white house press secretary jay carney had said on september 18 that there was, quote, no evidence to suggest that benghazi was a preplanned attack. >> shepard: more push back from
4:52 pm
the state department tonight about your reporting on the internal probe that's underway. >> yeah, that's right. officials here do acknowledge, shep, that the so-called arb, that's the special panel that was convened by then secretary of state hillary clinton, chaired by mike mullen and former ambassador tom pickerring to review benghazi. they acknowledge that probe itself is now under review by the department's office of inspector general. but they insist it's a fairly routine matter and that all previous arb's nearly 20 of them, are also under review. a spokesman today had no answer as to why the benghazi arb failed to interview then secretary of state clinton. also among those not interviewed by that panel, two so-called state department whistle blowers who are set to testify before congress this coming wednesday, shep. >> shepard: thank you. the national rifle association's annual convention officially got underway today. the first since 26 people died in the shooting massacre at sandy hook. 70,000 people are expected to attend between now and sunday.
4:53 pm
speakers have so far included the former republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin and the texas republican governor rick perry. on monday the nra's new president, james porter, will take the hell o'clock. today he told hundreds of members that the debate over gun control is not about constitutional rights -- constitutional rights, but instead a culture war. they like to hop and switch. but this one ended up stranded all alone in a river full of crocodiles and hollywood came to its rescue. that's next. and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong. from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. now the story of the actor who saved the wallaby from a crocodile- infested river in australia. since he's an actor, he obviously had a camera crew there to prove the whole thing. it's julian lewis jones and he appeared i'm told in move vees like "invicta" and "zero dark thirty." he was darwin in australia, shooting a fishing series when he came across a wallaby swimming for his life. wallabies are the smaller cousin of kangaroos and not frequentenly found in the middle of rivers. jones fished out the wallaby and brought it back to land. there. he gave it water and let it rest. he hops back off. goes to the woods. or bush as they call it. down under.
4:58 pm
a couple hundred students got an early start to the weekend because of nice weather. guy to school near seattle or it rains a lot, or is cloudy a lot. the principal wanted to give the kids a chance to enjoy sunny day. parents and the school board approved sun day, because they didn't have any snow days this past winter. update on the top stories tonight. fox news confirms israeli warplanes struck syria overnight. they reportedly dropped bombs on a warehouse containing weapons. the last time the israelis struck inside syria was january targeting a weapons convoy, carrying russian antiaircraft missiles. sources tell fox news the widow of the now dead boston bombing suspect communicated with him after the attack. by way of a phone call and an e-mail. with the suspect's f.b.i. surveillance photo attached. as far as we know, she did not attempt to contact investigators.
4:59 pm
wow dow. it hits 15,000 before closing shy of the milestone. it came after employers added 165,000 jobs last month. on this day in 1986, 54-year-old willie schumacher became the oldest jockey to win the kentucky derby. weighed 2 pounds at birth. doctors said he'd never survive but he became a gold glove boxing champ and grew to 4'11". 98 pounds. he won his first professional race as ripe old age of 17. the victories just kept comin coming. he racked up a stellar triple crown records with multiple wins in each of the three big races. schumacher would cross the finish line first more than 8800 times in his long career. but he made history at the derby. 27 years ago. today. now you know the news.
5:00 pm
for this friday, may 3, 2013, derby weekend upon us. big fight tomorrow night. the nets and the bulls. it is going to be a good weekend. hope you enjoy. ♪ the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> the f.b.i. continues to press her, including questions what about she said in a phone call she made to the husband after the f.b.i. started to look for him. >> what did she know and when did she know it? >> they have been searching pictures weres ifer days released. even then, did the wife katherine russell tsarnaev alert the feds? >> the widow insists she played no role helping the terror brothers but the story is becoming harder to believe. we'll explain. >> i always knew that it would have to be a black president who was approved by the elites. >> provocative words from supreme court justice clarence thomas. we'l

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